It is helpful to inspect and monitor the trends of pests. Your pest professional will place glue board monitors in discrete areas to be checked at each visit. The purpose
of this is to better understand what may be crawling where and why. Parshall Pest Control Experts are responsible pest control professionals and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) advocates, so we understand that applying interior products should be a last resort option. Therefore, inspection (along with monitoring), will help us decide where and if interior treatment is necessary.


Interior treatment may be an option for your pest control needs. This could consist of applying small dabs of bait to an active ant trail in a kitchen. It could also be applying product to the avenues that pests use to gain access to the living space (such as around doors and windows). Either way, these products will be applied to cracks and crevices in a way so there is no exposure to anyone.


If mice are present and a target pest, traps will be placed in discrete areas inaccessible to pets and small children.


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