Parshall Pest Control Experts offers a Biting Pest Plan that will take the stress out of controlling problematic mosquitoes and ticks on your property so you can enjoy your outdoor living space comfortably.

Our Mosquito and Tick Control Service includes: a proper mist treatment around the perimeter of your property, which also focuses on other areas that contain dense or shaded vegetation. We control a higher percentage of the population by providing control over the adult and young population of mosquitoes and ticks that are active, as well as the eggs that are reproduced.
Our Biting Pest Plans include:
A Single Service of Mosquito & Tick Guard -or- Our Affordable Bundled Services (listed below)
• 3 application seasonal plan which is $80 per visit / $240 total
• 4 application seasonal plan which is $75 per visit / $300 total
Our treatments are timed to the lifecycle of outdoor pests to maximize their effectiveness. Each application provides approximately 30 days of coverage on your property – precisely why we created (and recommend) our 4-treatment bundle of the Mosquito & Tick Guard. This bundled package will provide adequate coverage all season long!

The Parshall Pest Control Experts are revolutionizing the modern Pest Control industry. We take pride in delivering professional Pest Control Solutions that are right for you. We offer a satisfaction guarantee policy on our services for our clients.


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