Build and inspire a team of tree experts who are revolutionizing urban forest management.

Doug and Corey Parshall had the vision to revolutionize urban forest management for communities in Michigan. They saw that the tree service industry was old and outdated. After starting in 2008, the two of them never looked back.

Since 2008, the Parshall Tree Care Experts team has been delivering unparalleled tree services that have transformed properties into healthy, beautiful and safe urban forests. All of PTCE’s practices have questioned the normal or old school way of thinking and have looked for ways to leverage advances in new science, education, technology, and equipment.

At Parshall Tree Care Experts, shortcuts are never taken and our service quality standards are never lowered to achieve a goal. In turn, we actually increased actions and our level of service to reach a higher standard of care. We do this for the communities we serve and the urban forests we call home. Our team is extremely passionate about responding to the urban forest and its care, and it is reflected in the thousands of properties and relationships across the State of Michigan.


To be the trusted leader of every community’s urban forest.

“Our clients love knowing that a relationship with the Parshall Tree Care Experts means that their best interests are a top priority and they couldn’t be cared for better anywhere else!” -Corey Parshall


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